Kinsey Houseboats is located in Babbitt, MN and provides 33′-36′ houseboats and 42′-50′ houseboats to the areas of Birch Lake and surrounding Babbitt, MN. Below are answers to frequently asked question’s when renting one of our boat rentals. For a better idea of what we provide, or to submit a reservation for one of our boat rentals, contact us at (218) 827-3763.

Q: How far ahead do I have to book my houseboat vacation and when do I have to pay for my houseboat vacation?
A: The earlier you book your reservation, the better, however we do make last minute reservations if we have availability. You pay for the “FULL” amount of your houseboat vacation at check-in, with your deposit refunded at the end of your trip.

Q: What time can we pick up our houseboat?
A: 2:00 p.m. If you require earlier check-in, please request and we will do our best to accommodate you.

Q: Do you allow pets on your houseboats and what is the cost?
A: We allow pets at no extra charge we just ask that you clean up after them. We reserve the right to charge a cleanup fee if the boat rental is excessively dirty.

Q: Do I need experience to drive a houseboat and what age do I need to be to rent a houseboat?
A: No experience is necessary, as we will go over the operation of the boat prior to departure. We require you to be at least 21 years of age to rent our houseboats.

Q: Are there other costs involved with my houseboat vacation?
A: The only other costs will be gas, taxes and optional insurance.

Q: How much gas will our houseboat use on average per day?
A: Fuel usage averages 5-7 gallons per day depending on speed and distance you travel. It could be much more if the boat is run during most of the day.

Q: What do I do at night or in a storm?
A: We require you to tie up to shore at night and during a storm. Try to make sure the ropes are tight before a storm.

Q: Do you require or provide a small boat with our houseboat rental?
A: We do not require or provide you with a small boat; however, we do have boats and motors for rent or you may bring your own boat. We do have a boat launch.

Q: What if we need something while we are out on the lake?
A: We do have a service boat should you need something while on the lake; just radio in and we will do our best. Depending on the request there may be a $20 charge.

Q: Are there any extra precautions I need to take with children on board?
A: We realize small children need extra supervision while on a houseboat, so we do recommend/request that they wear life vests at all times.

Q: What is there to do on the Lake?
A: Birch Lake is surrounded primarily by undeveloped forest where you can tie up in a secluded bay or on a sandy beach to swim, sunbathe, fish, or explore the 100 miles of shoreline wilderness. There is not a restaurant on the lake.

Q: What do we do in case of a medical emergency on the lake?
A: For medical emergencies call on your radio and we will respond either on our service boat or 911. For mechanical emergencies a service boat will be sent to correct the problem immediately.

Q: Will I get cell phone reception on the lake?
A: Cell phone reception is poor/fair on the lake with Verizon, AT&T, Tracfone & Net10 having the best reception.

Q: What does the houseboat come equipped with and what should I bring from home?
A: Boats are equipped like a motor home stereo cd with twin speakers. Gas stove with oven, refrigerator and complete kitchen equipment including tableware and utensils, hot and cold running water, cabin heater, and bathroom with shower. Deck has a table and chairs and a gas grill. We furnish pillows and blankets, you will need to bring linens and towels (or sleeping bags), we do have linen packages to rent. You will need to bring food and beverages, cooking supplies and personal items.

Q: How can we keep our food from spoiling before our trip is done?
A: We recommend freezing food and packing in a cooler to prevent spoiling.

Q: Do all the houseboats have generators?
A: Yes

Q: Do you sell bait, fishing licenses and ice?
A: We do sell ice, however, you will need to purchase bait and fishing licenses prior to your arrival. There are several shops located within 5 miles of Kinsey Houseboats that sell bait and fishing licenses.

Q: What types of fish are in the lake and when is a good time for fishing?
A: Walleye, Northern Pike, Bass, Crappie and Sunfish can be caught. Spring and fall are the best time for fishing; however, fish can be caught year-round on Birch Lake. For more info on Birch Lake you may check out the Lake finder at MN DNR website.

Q: What is the best time for warm weather?
A: The best time for swimming and warmer weather is mid-June to Labor Day.